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Leather finish - Fiebing`s Antique Finish, Fiebing`s Tan Kote, Fiebing`s Bag Kote 

Färbung vorbereiten, Leder Finish, Kanten versiegeln

Price incl.16% Vat
ImageDescriptionPackage sizeColorItem No. €/1pc.
Fiebings DeglazerFiebing`s Deglazer
Removes layers of dirt,
Prepares Leather for Dyeing
118 ml / 4 oz.colorless926015,90
Fiebings Deglazer
Fiebings Dye-PrepFiebing\`s Dye-Prep
Prepares the leather for dyeing
bottle 118 mlcolorless926115,30
946 ml / 32 oz.colorless9261223,90
Fiebings Dye-Prep
Fiebings Dye ReducerFiebing\`s Dye Reducer
Use to thin Fiebings Leather Dyes and Professional Oil Dye.
bottle 118 mlcolorless926213,90
ImageDescriptionPackage sizeColorItem No. €/1pc.
Fiebings Gum TragacantGum Tragacanth
Used to slick leather edges in preparation of edge finishes.

Leather burnishing
118 ml / 4 oz.neutral925217,90
gallon 3,79 lneutral9252474,95
ImageDescriptionPackage sizeColorItem No. €/1pc.
Fiebing's Wool DaubersWool Dauber medium
for appling leather dye and edge finishes while keeping your hands clean
1 pc.colorless926700,45
pack of
10 pc.
ImageDescriptionPackage sizeColorItem No. €/1pc.