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Information / Data Sheet: Auto Leather Florida

Florida is an durable and weather-proof Car Leather with optimal cutting possibilities. Best useful for all types of Vehicles and refurbishment of oldtimers.

Use Cars, Bikes, Boats
Assortment I
thickness 1,2 - 1,4 mm
Color Colors accord. to Swatch Card
Shipment ex stock
Order minimum 1/2 skin
Expanse Whole Skins 4,5 - 5,0 m²
Raw Hides Cow Skins from Western Europe
Tannage Ecologically safe mineral tannage.
Dyeing Dyed-through in the drum, with high-class dye stuffs.
Finish Pigment finish for color and light constancy
PCP According to the PCP-regulation dated 12/12/1989
Environment/CFC The Leather is free of CFC (FCKW)
Environment / AZO colors The leathers are being produced ecologically safe, according to laws and regulations, without AZO colors
Flammhemmende Ausrüstung EN 1021 1 + 2, IMO Res. MSC.61(67) Annex 1 Part 8
Color Fastness According to ISO 11640 and EN ISO 105-B02.
Cleaning The leathers can be cleaned with a moistened cloth and neutral soap

Information / Data Sheet Auto Leather Florida as pdf

: PDF: Autoleder Florida