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Machine Thread, Leather Sewing Thread Avino, Leather Thread Saba, Leather Sewing Thread Amann Saba 

Leather Sewing Thread Amann Saba

The universal and efficient sewing thread for leather.
Retail Price
ImageDescriptionColorItem No. €/1pc.€/10pc.
Sewing Thread Amann Saba 80
very thin, 1000 m
4000 black770014,904,39
975 brown774754,904,39
 color No770005,904,39
Machine Thread
Sewing Thread Amann Saba 50
thin, 500 m
4000 black775014,403,89
1002 dark brown775024,403,89
975 brown779754,403,89
1304 blue778044,403,89
 color No775005,403,89
Machine Thread
Sewing Thread Amann Saba 30
medium, 300 m
4000 black780013,903,49
975 brown784753,903,49
 color No780004,903,49
 Saba-Colourchart with all colours as pdf: PDF: Ledergarn Avino Ordering from the Color Chart also in 1 piece avaliable.KRW = Cross Wound Spool

flax yarn for shoe sole

Retail Price
ImageDescriptionDetailsItem No.€/1pc.
Leather ThreadLinen Thread for Shoe Soles

special spun Thread
for Sole Sewing Machine.
Also for Hand Sewing

5 cord
Thickness ca. 0.8 mm
Role with 500 g
Leather Thread

  Knowledge: Shortage of Leather Trousers

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