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Medieval Belts 

Are constructed in the Lederhaus. Top Grade Steer Leather from vegetable tanned full grain leather is used for the fabrication. The straps are designd with high tensile strength, so that a tearing of holes has not been reported. Also the rolling of the belt (typical by other grades of leather) does not happen with full grain leather.

Medieval Belts

Net Price
ImageDescriptionDetailedColorItem No. €/1St.
Sword Belt with Rings
The sword belt is inserted
through both rings and
typically knotted.
The rings of cast material
are attached with Chicago
screw fasteners thus
changeable, the belt length
can be adjusted on this
end of the belt.
Only full grain leather is used.
The massive belt tip
hangs loosely down.
Strap Width 32 mm.
Length: 1.75 mblack / old silver55210124,79
Length: 1,75 mbrown / old brass55211224,79
Length: 1,75 mnature / old brass55212023,11
Length: 2.10 mblack / old silver55220133,19
Length: 2.10 mbrown / old brass55221233,19
Length: 2.10 mnature / old brass55222031,51
Length: 2.30 mblack / old silver55230138,24
Length: 2.30 mbrown / old brass55231238,24
Length: 2.30 mnatural / old brass55232035,71
ImageDescriptionDetailedColorItem No. €/1St.
Kilt Pouch (Sporran) Belt with Tip
The Kilt Pouch (Sporran) Belt is long
enough to knot. Full Grain Leather is
The massive tip hangs loosely down.
Strap width 23 mm.
Length: 1,70 mblack / old silver55200124,79
Length: 1,70 mbrown / old brass55201224,79
ImageDescriptionDetailedColorItem No. €/1St.
Pirate Belt without holes
(Self Punch)

For Hips up to 1,10m.
Strap Width 58 mm.
Special Lengths upon request.
Length: 1,20 mblack / old iron55300121,76
Length: 1,20 mbrown / old brass55301021,76
ImageDescriptionDetailedColorItem No. €/1St.
All belts are special made items and are non-returnable.

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