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Belts are constructed here in the Lederhaus. Our Leather Belts use only top grade Steer Leather that has been vegetable tanned. The straps are chosen so as to offer the highest possible tensile strength, that means for example the punched holes will not tear out which to date has not been brought to our attention. Also, the typical rolling of the belt in the back area does not happen by full grain leather.

Convertible Belt
The buckle and keeper is easily changed by removing the screw fasteners on the belt. Belt Length is the exact waist measurement.
Convertible Belt with Buckle
Strap Width: 34 mm
Item NoColor€/1Qty.
534663black craquelé/old brass29,95
534634white craquelé/old silver28,95
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Convertible Belts

Belt Set
with 1 Buckle and 3 Straps. Pressure Fasteners allow a simple Buckle change. The belt straps are finished and sized.
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Belt Set

Medieval Belts
Sword Belt with 2 Rings, Kilt Belt with Belt Tip and Pirate Belt for the do it yourselfer (no holes).
Sword Belt with 2 Rings
Length: 1,75 m
Item NoColor€/1Qty.
552112brown / old brass29,50
552101black / old silver29,50
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Medieval Belts