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Patent Leather 

are butts with a patent finish. Commonly used in bag making as well as straps and belts. Prices are listed per m²
and sold only by the hide.Per request the hides can be cut in straps.

Patent Leather - Butt


Insert the required amount as well as the color number of the desired article.

Retail Price
DescriptionColorItem No.€ / 1m²
Patent Leather - Butt , PU-Split, 2,5-2,7mm, Size: ca. 1,9 - 2,2 m² color No11600065,00

white 400

black 401

blood red 405

silver 433

Strap Cutting


From Belt Leather, Width per request

Retail Price
DescriptionDetailsItem No.€ / 1
Machine Hour: Strap cutting from belt leather By smaller amounts a half hour will also be charged 89800072,50
Patent Leather