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Information / Data Sheet: Imitation Leather Pisa

Artificial Leather Pisa is a valuable Imitation Leather for universal use.

Characteristics Typical leather-like, soft, elastic, scratch-resistant, rub fast, long lasting, disinfection resistant
Use Lining and Upholstery of any kind: Interior, boatbuilding, Sport equipment, Chairs and Beds in medical settings
Assortment 1
Thickness 1,0 - 1,1 mm
Color 28 Colors accord. to Swatch Card
Shipment ex stock
Order minimum 1 m
Width of cloth 1,40 m
Total Length 25 m
Material PVC-Coating with ca. 600 g/m²
Flame Resistance Flame Resistance accord. to MVSS 302 / EN 1021-1;2
Bulk Density ca. 665 g/m²
Treatment All common methods: sewing, adhering, HF-welding, Hot Air welding, nailing, clamping
Cleaning Care free, wipe with moisted cloth, use neutral soap, don´t use organic solvents. To abolish soil spots solely use Ethanol (alcohol). No need of special care for conservation.