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Sheet Buckles 

The inner dimensions of the Buckles are listed. The Leather Strap should then be 1-2 mm thinner than the buckle, allowing a better working fit. Aanthracite-colored Buckles are always nickel-free

Double Bar Buckles, Metal Sheet

Retail Price
ImageDescriptionDetailedColorItem No. € / 1pc.€ / 10pc.€ / 100pc.€ / 1000pc.
Buckle with double bar
squared or rounded
sheet metal
Width: 16 mm, roundednickel716500,250,1450,0950,0619
Width: 18 mm, roundednickel716600,250,1750,1350,0529
Width: 18 mm, roundedbrass716650,250,1750,1350,0828
Width: 20 mm, roundednickel716800,250,1750,1250,0558
Width: 20 mm, roundedanthracite716870,250,1850,1350,0628
Double-Bar Buckle
Rivet Mount

sheet metal
Width: 10 mmnickel714800,200,1750,1050,0568
Width: 12 mmnickel714900,200,1750,1200,0600
Width: 12 mmanthracite714970,200,1750,1400,0625
Double Bar Buckle
Rivet Mount

sheet metal
Width: 12 mm, nickel freenickel - NF715320,350,2600,1700,0932
Width: 14 mm, nickel freenickel - NF715420,350,2600,1700,0952
Width: 16 mmnickel715500,250,2000,1550,0720
Width: 18 mmnickel715600,250,2000,1750,0749
Width: 20 mmnickel715700,250,2000,1850,0868
Width: 30 mm nickel716000,400,3500,2700,1343
Ideal for riveting are double tubular rivets on the scale of 6,8 and 9,0 mm or Self Piercing Rivets

Wissen: Leder kleben  Knowledge: Riveting Buckles

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