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Iron Buckles 

The inner dimensions of the Buckles are listed. The Leather Strap should then be 1-2 mm thinner than the buckle, allowing a better working fit. Aanthracite-colored Buckles are always nickel-free

Massive Buckles and Bar Roller Buckles, Iron

Retail Price
ImageDescriptionDetailedColorItem No. € / 1pc.€ / 10pc.€ / 100pc.€ / 1000pc.
Schnallen SchließenBuckle
Rivet Mount
with attached
Iron material
Width: 18mmnickel717101,250,8500,6600,4910
Ideal for riveting are double tubular rivets on the scale of 6,8 and 9,0 mm or Self Piercing Rivets
Schnallen Schließen
Schnallen SchließenRoll-Buckle
Double Bar
Width: 16mm nickel717301,701,3000,8900,5655
Width: 16 mmbrass717351,701,3000,8900,6912
Width: 20 mmnickel717502,851,9501,3500,6676
Width: 20mmbrass717552,851,9501,3500,8325
Width: 20 mmanthracite717572,851,9501,3500,7422
Width: 25 mmnickel717703,002,2001,5000,7200
Width: 25mmbrass717753,302,5001,8000,8097
Width: 28 mmnickel717803,302,5001,8000,8097
Width: 28mmbrass717853,402,6001,9000,8434
Schnallen Schließen
Schnallen SchließenRoll-Buckle long
Double Bar
Width: 18 mm nickel717401,951,4500,9500,5938
Width: 18 mm brass717451,951,4500,9500,6336
Schnallen Schließen
Roll-Schnalle SchließeStrap Buckle
locking Tongue

material zinc diecasting
Width: 19 mmchromed718101,951,851,751,55
Width: 26 mmchromed718202,452,251,951,59
for buckle pins you can use the Oval Hole Punch 12 x 3 mm
Roll-Schnalle Schließe